Building A Defense For Traffic Violations

At Cain Law Office LLC, we strive to minimize the consequences of a misdemeanor traffic violation. Clients are often surprised to learn that many defenses may be available against these offenses.

A Recognized Commitment To Our Clients

With over 25 years of experience in this area, we are very familiar with many of the local courts and officers in West Georgia. Our commitment to procedural justice and due process of law has not gone unnoticed: Attorney Julie Cain won the Reader's Choice Award for Best Attorney for the second year in Haralson County.

Reviewing Police Procedures

One of the first ways we get to work building your case is by reviewing the police procedures. We compare the arrest report, incident report or traffic ticket with the applicable section of the legal code. Next, we get your version of the facts. From this preliminary analysis, we compare whether the evidence facially supports your arrest. This comparison may reveal whether the police properly charged you, based on the law.

Evaluating Probable Cause

Another defense strategy may be available if the police failed to follow proper police procedures. If the police did not follow the rules, there is a chance the court may exclude the illegally obtained evidence or even throw out the entire case against you. You may know that an arrest must be support by probable cause, but the truth is that there are procedures that apply at every step, starting with the initial stop.

Staying Open To Settlement Negotiations

Finally, we keep advocating on your behalf, right up until you receive a verdict. We have the experience to evaluate whether a plea offer is appropriate, as well as the litigation hazards of holding out for a reduction or even dismissal of some or all of the charges. Put your traffic misdemeanor defense in the hands of an experienced attorney. You may schedule a free initial consultation at our Tallapoosa office by calling 770-574-2529 or contacting us online.