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Protecting Your Family

At CAIN LAW OFFICE LLC, our family law practice involves much more than divorce. We represent clients facing all aspects of family transitions. We have assisted in modification of child custody or child support, in paternity and legitimation actions, and in the complex procedures involving adoption. As in divorce, these matters may be contested or uncontested.

Advocacy That Begins With Compassion

First and foremost, we approach family law matters with compassion. We believe that legal protections are intended to keep all members of the family safe while the family unit undergoes a change. Although the law also provides legal procedures for asserting one’s legal rights in court, that is rarely our starting point.

Setting Realistic Expectations

We will use our mediation background to your advantage. We start with establishing realistic expectations. Even in matters that require the court to exercise its discretion, there are usually past court decisions that set a range of anticipated outcomes.

The law may also articulate factors that should inform the court’s decision. Based on vast experience, we will prepare you to make an informed decision regarding the negotiation process, any settlement offers you receive and your overall legal strategy.

Contact An Experienced Family Law Attorney

With more than 30 years of legal experience, you can count on us to keep your family safe. Find out more about us by scheduling a free initial consultation. You may call our Tallapoosa office at 770-574-2529. You may also contact us online.