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Protecting Fathers In Paternity And Legitimation Proceedings

Legitimation legalizes the father-child relationship, giving a father the right to pursue child custody and visitation. Legitimation may also be used to ensure that a child born out of wedlock can receive all intended benefits under the father’s estate plan. Paternity, in contrast, establishes only the father’s child support obligations. Fortunately, we have the experience to simplify both proceedings.

Assisting Stepparents, Grandparents And Other Caregivers With Adoption

Adoption is a highly detailed process, and for good reason. Before the court will terminate the parental rights of the biological mother or father, the requesting party must satisfy certain legal safeguards. The specific timeline depends on factors such as your relationship to the child, the child’s particular circumstances and whether you are pursuing adoption through a private agency or the Georgia Division of Family and Children Services.

We have represented grandparents, stepparents and other family members and caregivers in both public and private adoptions. In both, the court will examine the relationship between the adopting party and the child. For example, a grandparent or stepparent seeking adoption may already have regular contact and caregiving responsibilities over a child.

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