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Can Mediation Benefit Your Issue?

Last updated on October 30, 2023

Before spending money going to court, consider mediation. It can be a great way to resolve your issues without the stress or expense of a courtroom. Through our related company, West Georgia Mediation, a division of CAIN LAW OFFICE LLC, we offer mediation services for parties involved in a broad range of disputes.

Efficiently Resolve Your Dispute

Whether you are in mediation or litigation, we believe in efficient resolutions. Although a legal dispute generally involves parties in conflict, we have found that there is almost always an opportunity for communication. Indeed, the vast majority of cases settle before trial.


Trial litigation is risky, and one side will “lose.” Because of this, most disputes settle, so why not eliminate the stress, uncertainty and time commitment litigation takes and go straight to mediation? If you recognize from the beginning that your matter is likely to settle, it can change your perspective and help you to understand what is achievable in mediation.

An Agreement You Can Live With

We understand how to negotiate favorable settlement agreements. With a clear understanding of what is at stake and potential, viable outcomes, we can help direct the discussion to the heart of the matter. Equally as important, we know how to reduce agreements to concise written terms that will be enforceable. We tailor our style of advocacy to your needs.

Contact A Skilled Mediator

You may schedule a free initial consultation at our Tallapoosa office by calling 770-574-2529 or contacting us online.