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Child Custody And Child Support

Last updated on October 30, 2023

CAIN LAW OFFICE LLC, we understand why our divorce clients often are most concerned about child custody and child support decisions. Parents may fear losing involvement in their minor children’s lives. They may also disagree on matters of caregiving, each believing that he or she knows what is best for the child.

What Are Your Child’s Best Interests?

We have substantial experience in mediation, negotiation and litigation. One of the fastest ways we can establish common ground between divorcing parties in a child custody dispute is by reminding them of the applicable legal standard. 

In matters of child custody, the Georgia Superior Courts will be looking out for the best interest of the child. This means if you cannot agree on a custody arrangement with your child’s other parent, the court will make the determination based on what is best for your child, not you.

Custody Determination Factors

There is a long, statutory list of factors a judge will use to determine custody and the judge has wide discretion in making his or her decision. There are 17 factors listed factors determine the “best interest of the child” standard. In addition, the court may apply its discretion in determining how they are weighted.

These factors may include:

  • The child’s current relationship with each parent
  • The parents’ work schedules and financial situations
  • The home environment
  • Parental involvement with the child’s schooling and other activities
  • Practically any relevant circumstance that might impact a child’s daily life

Our attorney can help to develop a plan that provides concrete evidence using these factors that will both be in your child’s best interest and be a plan you can live with.

Developing A Realistic Visitation Plan

Although the court presumes that a child will benefit from the influence of both parents, there may be logistical reasons for designating only one parent as the primary legal custodian, for decision-making purposes.

Child Support Options

Regarding child support, state law is more straightforward. The calculation is statutorily set based on a parent’s gross income. However, the law also provides for deviations from the statutory guidelines for enumerated reasons, such as extra parenting time, shared custody and longer driving obligations, among others.

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