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Uncontested Divorce

At CAIN LAW OFFICE LLC, we believe that divorce does not have to be a high-conflict situation. There are countless reasons why a couple may need to make a life transition, and CAIN LAW can make this process smoother while helping to conserve your financial resources.

For people who have already come to an agreement on all the material terms of their divorce, including matters of child custody, child and spousal support, and property division, CAIN LAW can make filing for divorce an efficient and economical process.

Although a court filing is still required, the paperwork and procedures are greatly streamlined. You can avoid court appearances, substantial delays and unnecessary expenses.

One office visit is generally all it takes. With that visit also comes the peace of mind that an attorney has reviewed your settlement proposal for your own protection, ensuring that the terms are both fair and complete.

Tailoring Our Strategy To You

We tailor our divorce strategy to your specific family needs. If a couple decides that their divorce will be uncontested, we will help them negotiate a settlement that is agreeable to both parties. Settlements can be tailored to fit the needs of each family while complying with the rules of the court. In any divorce situation, we ensure that our clients understand their legal rights and options before making final decisions.

Contested Divorce

We have the experience to thoroughly inventory your marital estate. We will not let you forget commonly overlooked assets such as retirement or life insurance accounts. If required, we can be forceful advocates in the courtroom, using forensic accountants and other experts to establish a more equitable proposal for the division of the marital estate.

We provide context for any proposals you may have reached with your spouse, often educating you about your legal options. This will help you evaluate whether a settlement proposal is truly in your best interest. With equitable property division, clients often have misconceptions, believing ‘equitable’ means equal. In a nutshell, equitable division does not require an even, 50-50 split of the marital estate. It means ‘fair,’ which means it is important to have an experienced attorney make your case for what is fair for you to the judge who will ultimately decide the question.

Advocacy Styles Ranging From Mediation To Litigation

Most circuits in Georgia mandate court-ordered mediation. As certified mediators, attorney Julie Williams Cain and her staff are thoroughly familiar with the process. From start to finish, we will protect and guide you through all of the decisions you will need to make in your divorce.

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