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Planning For Your Future

Last updated on October 30, 2023

At CAIN LAW OFFICE LLC, we view a last will and testament as an opportunity to protect your family and loved ones. Once our clients adopt that perspective, they become more interested in other estate planning options that may save time and money in their estate administration. With one’s friends and family in mind, it simply becomes easier to prepare for various contingencies.

Naming An Executor

Under Georgia law, there are numerous features you can include in your will to minimize administrative hassle. You can be in control by naming an executor of your will and directing how you want your estate divided.

Protecting Minor Children

Parents can also include instructions in their will in case they predecease their minor children. They can name a guardian to look after their children until they are grown. Parents can leave their estate in a trust for their children that is created at the time of their passing and name a trustee who will manage the estate funds until the children reach a certain age (18 or older). The trust instructions can specify the conditions upon which the trustee may distribute the income and principal to the children. Once the children reach the designated age, the trustee can then disperse the remaining funds to the children outright.

Power Of Attorney

You may want to give your spouse or another person the authority to handle your affairs for you if you become ill or are not available for some reason. A power of attorney allows others to carry out your business at your direction, but you are still in charge.

Including A Health Care Directive

Finally, you may want to complete your estate plan with a health care directive. This legal document names an agent for health care and memorializes your preferences regarding life support and other life-sustaining measures. In essence, you are taking the pressure away from your loved ones regarding some potentially hard medical decisions.

Complete Your Estate Plan Today

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